1. ¡Demolición! The Complete Recordings
    Los Saicos

  2. Dioptria
    Pau Riba

  3. Freak Out Phantasia
    Geronimo Black

  4. The Sky Is Falling. The Best Of Johnny Farfisa
    Johnny Farfisa

  5. Lección de twist
    Los Jets

  6. Mysterio

  7. Breve encuentro
    Kikí d'Akí

  8. A Dream In Jade Green
    The Loons

  9. Dream World
    The Conspiracy

  10. El ritmo del go go
    Delai Alamos con Los King Stay

  11. Even Money
    The Rockets

  12. My Girlfriend (Doesn’t Like The Ramones)
    Marc Jonson

  13. 12 In A Room
    Marc Jonson

  14. Invenciones

  15. La sala del silencio
    La sala del silencio

  16. Taxista!
    Pau Riba

  17. My Lover The Killer
    Lydia Lunch and Marc Hurtado

  18. I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy

  19. Offenbarung und Untergang
    Etant Donnés with Michael Gira

  20. Re-Up
    Etant Donnes

  21. Sonic-Shaped Life
    The Japanese Girl

  22. A Promise Is A Promise

  23. Take Me Home And Make Me Like It
    Alex Chilton

  24. Virgin
    Traffic Sound

  25. One Way Lover

  26. Stray Cat Blues
    Dangerous Rhythm

  27. Acaricia la mañana

  28. Bload Stations * Syntax Error

  29. La maravilla musical de Honduras
    Los Robbins

  30. Los Rockets
    Los Rockets

  31. El alma de la estrella
    Diseño Corbusier

  32. Kannibal Komix
    Kannibal Komix

  33. La barra de chocolate
    La barra de chocolate

  34. Maypole

  35. Pérfido encanto
    Diseño Corbusier

  36. Pesadilla adulta
    Juanita y los feos

  37. Lyres Lyres

  38. ¡Nadaísmo a go-go!
    Los Yetis

  39. ¡¡¡Viven!!!
    Wau y los Arrrghs!!!

  40. Euphoria

  41. Los Pepes
    Los Pepes

  42. On Fyre

  43. Ya no quedan más cojones, Eskorbuto a las elecciones

  44. The Stars Are Ours

  45. Savage Kings
    Barrence Whitfield And The Savages

  46. Cielos movedizos
    Morfi Grei & Electroputas

  47. La cuenta atrás

  48. Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere!
    Claw Hammer

  49. American Rudeness
    White Flame

  50. Concrete Mixer
    Atom Rhumba

  51. At The Trucks
    Wayne County

  52. Backbone Ritmo
    Atom Rhumba

  53. ¿A qué viene ahora silbar? - EP
    Víctor Coyote

  54. Red Led Or Death

  55. Live! At The Star-Club
    Los Perros

  56. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
    Sonny Vincent

  57. Rockeros
    Los Perros

  58. Complete Recordings
    Los Mockers

  59. Future Language
    Von Lmo

  60. Shake & Spew
    Safety Pins

  61. Chasin' The Onagro
    Atom Rhumba

  62. Punkassbitch
    Safety Pins

  63. Munster Records Goes Hi Fi

  64. The 24 Kilate Sound
    Golden Zombies

  65. Fábrica de chocolate
    Elephant Band

  66. Hell's Kitchen
    Sonny Vincent

  67. Little Love Things
    The Graves Brothers Deluxe

  68. Punk-Rock Disasters Pt.1
    The Safety Pins

  69. Contra el Homo Sapiens

  70. Dirt Shots - EP
    Atom Rhumba

  71. Rock & Roll Army 69
    The Hot Dogs

  72. Atrapado
    J. Teixi Band

  73. Rock On!

  74. Maqueta / Golpe Tras Golpe

  75. Yo fuí una adolescente terrosatánica

  76. Rock & Roll Radio: A Ramones Tribute Compilation

  77. New York
    Suicide King

  78. Cerebrator
    Cerebros Exprimidos

  79. Powergenerator
    Safety Pins

  80. Hormonal Riot
    Atom Rhumba

  81. Playin' Dirty

  82. Steel Knives & Razorblades
    Safety Pins

  83. We Want the Airwaves

  84. ¡Buen provecho!
    Los Piolines

  85. I am Ben Hur

  86. All Kindsa Girls Vol. 5

  87. Two Times as Good as One
    Bongolocos & King Trash Fandango

  88. Yo nunca me lavo
    Los Perros

  89. Supersonic Spacewalk

  90. Memories Pt.1
    La Secta

  91. Punkin!

  92. What If I Run Out Of My Pills

  93. Bad Girls Go To Hell
    Pussycats & Besttias

  94. Fuzz Godz
    La Secta

  95. Munsterama

  96. Sister Reincarnation
    Xavier Escutia

  97. All Kindsa Girls Vol. 1 to 4

  98. Su traje señor
    Goodbye Planet

  99. Demencia
    Cerebros Exprimidos

  100. Albanige
    Parkinson D.C.

  101. No quiero pensar

  102. Bitter Island
    The Crocodiles

  103. Mentemblanco
    La Banda Trapera Del Río

  104. World Under Water
    Los Valendas

  105. Integration

  106. The Original Recordings
    The Detroit Cobras

  107. Directo a los cojones
    La Banda Trapera del Río

  108. Knockin' Me Dead
    The Zeros

  109. Sueroine
    The Pribata Idaho

  110. Green Fields
    Parkinson D.C.

  111. Usted morirá en su nave espacial
    Penelope Trip

  112. It's Gonna Be a Wild Weekend
    La Secta

  113. One, Two... Tree!
    Los Valendas

  114. ¡Viva Bonito!
    Patrullero Mancuso

  115. Your Invitation to Suicide

  116. Thru the Trash, Darkly (1982-1992)
    White Flag

  117. Best of Munster Dance Hall Favorites Vol. I / V (1987 - 1992)

  118. Squeezed Brains 1989-1993
    Cerebros Exprimidos

  119. Flock, Colibri, Oil
    Cancer Moon

  120. Politomania / Hammerhead
    Penelope Trip

  121. Radio Confusion
    The A-10

  122. Overdream
    Parkinson D.C.

  123. Turtle Friend Extended
    Los Valendas

  124. Not The Singer But The Songs ...An Alex Chilton Tribute

  125. Blue Tales
    La Secta

  126. Eskizofrenia

  127. ¡Maldito País! Primera época 1982-84


Munster Records Madrid, Spain

Munster Records is an independent Spanish label created in the 1980s. In the last decade its main focus has been reissues of punk, garage, rock and other akin genres and subgenres. From its early days, Munster was conceived as a label catering for the demanding music fan and record collector, releasing its records on both CD and vinyl, the latter usually as limited editions. ... more

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